Cookie file policy

Cookie file policy

1. Administrator – Luxury Products Cylwik General Partnership with its seat in Bialystok, Elewatorska 7b Street (15-620), Bialystok, the registration acts of which are kept by the Regional Court in Bialystok, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under the following NCR number: 0000516574 and which is the holder of the 5423238705 TIN number and 200869111REGON number. The entity provides services digitally and accesses, as well as stores pieces of information saved on the end device of the User.
2. User – entity for whom digital services are provided.
3. End device – electronic device utilized by the User to access the Website.
4. Website – Luxury Products website available for the Users under the following URL address:, the Owner and Administrator of which is the Luxury Products Cylwik General Partnership.
5. Cookies – IT-specific data, including text files that are stored on the end device of the User of the Website and allow for the proper utilization of all the functionalities offered by the Website. Cookie files typically incorporate the name of the website they originate from, timeframe of storage on the end device of the User, and a unique number. Cookie files are taken advantage of to ensure the proper functioning of the Website by identifying the software utilized by the end device of the User. What is more, they allow for saving preferences of the User and therefore – adjusting the content and layout of the Website to the expectations and individual needs of the User.
6. Administrator-specific Cookies – Cookie files published by the Administrator within the Website and strictly related to digitally rendered services.
7. Other Cookies – Cookie files published within the Website by Administrator’s partners, being – among others – advertising portals and servers of companies and suppliers of services rendered by means of the Website.

Uses of Cookie files

Administrator-specific Cookies are utilized for the following purposes:

  1. to ensure safety and faultless operation of the Website,
  2. to adjust subpages of the Website to the individual needs of the User,
  3. to optimize and increase the efficiency of services provided via the Website,
  4. to authorize the User on the Website and ensure a valid session, i.e. to keep the session of the User (after logging in), which allows him or her to avoid providing login and password on each and every subpage of the Website,
  5. to keep track of anonymous data excluding the personal identification of the User.

Types and variants of Cookie files utilized within the scope of the Website

1. Cookie files used within the Website are not harmful for the end device of the User, do not affect the mode of its operation, and do not cause configuration-specific changes in the device itself, nor in its software.
2. Within the scope of the Website, the following types of Cookie files are being utilized:
a) session-specific – temporary files stored on the end device of the User that are kept there until the session end or software shutdown; in such a case, saved data are permanently deleted from the memory of the end device; the specificity of session-specific Cookie files does not allow for storing any personal data of the User or any confidential data saved on the end device,
b) permanent – files that are saved on the end device of the User and are kept there up to the moment of their deletion. Finishing a given session or shutting down the utilized software does not result in the deletion of such files from the end device of the User; the specificity of the permanent Cookie files does not allow for storing any personal data of the User or any confidential data saved on the end device; such files are kept on the device in question for the period specified in Cookie file parameters or until they are deleted by the User.
3. Within the scope of the Website, the following Cookie files are taken advantage of:
a) authorization-specific – they are used to provide authorization-related services within the Website,
b) security-oriented – they are used, inter alia, to identify authorization breaches within the Website,
c) performance-related – they allow for gathering information on ways, in which the Website is utilized,
d) functional – they allow for saving selected personal data of the User and to personalize the interface of the User, e.g. with regard to the selected region or country of origin, font size, language, layout, etc.,
e) advertisement-oriented – they allow to provide the User with advertising content adjusted to his or her individual fields of interest.

Cookie file management

1. User can change settings pertaining to Cookie files on his or her own and at any time by specifying the terms of storing them and accessing them on the end device of the User;
a) User can make such changes by utilizing proper settings of the browser he or she has been using or by properly configuring the service. Such settings can be changed in such a way to automatically block the management of Cookie files or to inform the User every time Cookie files are being saved on his or her end device. Detailed information on Cookie file management can be found in the settings of the utilized software (Internet browser);
b) User can delete the stored Cookie files at any time by utilizing the available functions of the Internet browser used. The User can limit or disallow the storage of Cookie files on the end device of the User by changing certain options of the browser taken advantage of.
2. Administrator informs that limiting the use of Cookie files may impact certain functionalities of the Website. After introducing changes in the browser, the User may find it difficult or even impossible to use certain options offered by the Website.

Other Cookies

1. Other Cookies may be utilized and saved on the end device of the User by Administrator’s partners. Other Cookies taken advantage of by Administrator’s partners are governed by Cookie policies established by such partners.
2. Administrator shall not be held responsible for the content of Cookie files sent by websites of Administrator’s partners, links to which are published within the Website.
3. Administrator’s Cookie files saved on the end device of the User may be utilized by Administrator’s partners.

Cookie files and personal data

1. To a limited extent, Cookie files published on the Website may be utilized to gather personal data of Users automatically.
2. Personal data shall be exclusively gathered to allow for rendering certain services for the User.
3. Personal data shall be encoded in a manner making it impossible for unauthorized bodies to access them.
4. Personal data gathered during the use of the Website:
a) during Account registration and making purchases – the User is then asked to provide his or her personal data, as well as to provide other pieces of information. Both the provision of such data and expressing consent for said data being processed are voluntary,
b) while providing data in the User’s panel – the User is then asked to provide, inter alia, such data as: place of residence, phone number, and e-mail address. Such data will be accessible to all the visitors of the Website,
c) data gathered automatically – while visiting the Website, certain data pertaining to User’s visits are being gathered, including: IP address, domain name, browser type, and operating system type,
d) data gathered when the User wants to contact the Website’s Administration – to perform certain actions (such as filing a complaint) via the Website, phone, or e-mail, certain personal data have to be provided to confirm User’s identity and allow the Administration to respond.

Cookie-related policy change

This Cookie file-related policy may be subject to change by its certain sections being modified. The new version of Cookie file policy shall be always available on the Website, together with a proper notification.

Dear User,
We would like to inform that within the scope of our website, we utilize online markers, such as Cookie files, to gather and process personal data for the purpose of personalizing content and advertising materials, as well as to analyze website traffic.
Cookie files are IT data stored in files and saved on your end device (such as your computer, phone, etc.), which your browser sends to the sever during every visit on the website from said device in the course of Internet browsing. Detailed information on Cookie files and their functioning can be found here. Familiarize yourself with the provided pieces of information and click the „Go to the website” button.