FAQ - rules for adding ads

When was the company established?
The Luxury Products Company was established at the beginning of 2011. In 2014, it was transformed into Luxury Products Cylwik General Partnership.

Who are we?
We are the leader of the branch and the most prominent luxury platform in Poland. We provide services for the wealthiest customers looking for widely understood luxurious estates and investment-oriented plots of land.

Who can post an ad?
Ads published on Luxury Products Estate platform must be compliant with the price-specific requirements provided below.

Price-specific requirements to be met for your real estate to be advertised within the Platform.

For apartments and flats/sale
Minimum price shall be PLN 12 000 per square meter or PLN 1 200 000 for the entire estate

For apartments and flats/rent
Minimum apartment or flat rent rate shall be PLN 5000 per month for the entire estate

For houses/sale
Minimum house price shall be PLN 1 200 000 for the entire estate

For houses/rent
Minimum house rent rate shall be PLN 9000 per month for the entire estate

For plots of land/sale
Minimum plot of land price shall be PLN 1 000 000

For plots of land/rent
Minimum rent rate shall be PLN 10 000 per month

For premises/sale
Minimum investment-oriented premises price shall be PLN 2000 per square meter or PLN 1 000 000 for the entire estate

For premises/rent
Minimum rent rate shall be PLN 12 000 per month

For investments/sale
Minimum investment price shall be PLN 1 000 000 for the entire investment

Tailor-made advertising
Aside from standard ads, within the scope of our platform, you can also take advantage of innovative solutions allowing you to reach wealthy clients and Premium investors. Those are dedicated ad campaigns, such as sponsored articles published within Luxury Products Inspirations, CMP model ads – banner displays, sponsored articles published on our blogs, and other individually adjusted solutions.

If you want to know more, get in touch with us at: reklama@luxuryproducts.pl

Do you issue VAT invoices?
Yes, we do issue VAT invoices. If you want to receive one, enter the „My Account” section of the portal and register as a company to automatically receive invoices for all your ads. It is a very convenient settlement form that will help you control both your ads and your expenses.

Account top-up
You can top-up your account on the Platform. To do so, log in and check your account status. If you want to, you can top it up. It is a convenient form of settlement that will limit the overall number of troublesome transfers.

What to do to start adding ads?
You can find the „find the add” button in the upper right corner. Click it and add your ad. If your estate does not meet the price requirements specified above, the system will not accept your ad.

Notifications about ending ads
When your ad stops being displayed, you will receive an SMS message informing you about that.


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